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Who We Are


We are Barry Gan Photography, professional family and wedding photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. We are ISPWP member (The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers). We have professional photography studio, running photography business "Barry Gan Photography".

What We Are Specialised At


We have rich experience to capture great moments and magical emotions.  We are specialised in family, wedding and events photography.  We offer reliable & on time service, tailored to fit each unique client and their needs.

What Is Our Photo Style 

Our photography philosophy is taking emotional picture and save beautiful moment, filling every picture with smiles and emotions. Our works are natural, emotional, full of happiness, joy, fun, excitement & moving.  Whenever you look back at the pictures I took for you, you will recall a beautiful story.

What Is Our Characteristics


We are super passionate. We are very happy for creating high quality photographs that capture the essence of the moment, whether it be your wedding day, your child’s first birthday or a special event. Let us help you commemorate these moments in your life through beautiful, quality and well composed images.

We are very thoughtful. We would love to create a tailored, comfortable and professional photography experience that will leave you with everlasting memories and photographs. Our photographs are professionally edited, and always delivered on time. Each set of photographs create a different mood and tell a different story, you are guaranteed to look back to those photographs with a fond memory in the years to come.

We are absolutely motivated. We will work creatively and professionally with you, ensuring that you are satisfied with the final result.

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Name:     Barry Gan

Address:  Waterways Vic 3195 Australia


Phone:     0449609928

Wechat:   melcloud2008

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