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Featured Real Weddings

Welcome to Featured Real Weddings page, where you will see love stories from happy couples from start to end on their big day. I believe that every wedding is a unique tale waiting to be told, and I am honored to be the storytellers capturing these precious moments that will last a lifetime.


From the tender moments of GETTING READY, where nerves blend with excitement, to the solemnity and grace of the CEREMONY, where vows are exchanged under the canopy of love, my photography preserves every precious detail. From picturesque settings of LOCATION SHOTS, where love blossoms against the backdrop of nature's splendor or urban charm, to the grand and spirited RECEPTION, where every moment of heartfelt speeches, laughter and joyous dance is a testament to the celebration of love, my lenses continue to dance, capturing every beautiful and unforgettable moments. 

I am there to document every step of your journey on your big day!

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