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Featured Wedding Photos

Wedding photography is an art that comes in many styles, but it generally falls into three main categories: Documentary Style Photos, Posed Photos, and Creative Photos. My photography style is a blend of all three, ensuring that your wedding album is a rich tapestry of genuine moments, beautiful portraits, and artistic expressions.

Wedding Decorations

Documentary Style Photos

This style captures the real, unposed moments of the wedding day, preserving the genuine emotions and spontaneous interactions. It's all about telling the story as it unfolds naturally, without interference.

Wedding Dress

Posed Photos

Often taken in scenic outdoor locations, this style involves gently guiding the couple into comfortable, natural poses. The focus is on capturing the beauty and romance of the couple in stunning, well-composed shots. It's ideal for those who want elegant and timeless portraits.

Wedding Venue

Creative Photos

Utilizing flash, dramatic lighting, and multiple exposure techniques, this style creates striking images with a strong sense of mood and artistry. Poses are more directed, resulting in visually captivating and theatrical shots. This style is perfect for couples who love bold, unique photographs.

Love my photo style?  Would love to let me to capture the beautiful, happy, moving and fun moments of your wedding day? Don't hesitate! Reach out to me and share your dreams and ideas of your big day with me. I am here to listen, understand, and collaborate with you.

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