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Wedding Photography Service Process

Step 1. Initial Consultation

  • The Client provides the brief information of the wedding: wedding date, photography start time, end time and locations, and I confirm the booking availability

  • On the Client's request, I schedule a phone call/Zoom meeting with the Client to discuss in more detail

  • If the Client decides to choose me as wedding photographer, go to step 2

Step 2. Booking In & Contract signing 

  • The Client pays a deposit to book in. All packages require a deposit fee of $400 to hold their wedding date

  • On the same day after the Client pays the deposit, I will call them to discuss more details of wedding photography: items & timing & locations. Items include getting ready, ceremony, portrait shoot(bride, groom, bridal party), reception

  • After phone call, on the same day, I will write and send Photography Service Agreement to the Client

Step 3. Pre-Wedding Preparation

  • A week or two before the wedding, the Client sends me the run sheet of wedding day

  • Based on the run sheet, I will schedule an online/in person meeting to work with the Client to finalize the shooting schedule: time, locations, shot list and specific shots the couple desires for the wedding day

  • The Client pays the balance at the time as agreed in the Photography Service Agreement 

Step 4. Wedding Day Shoot

  • The Client introduces family members attending the wedding to me

  • I start to shoot the Client's wedding 


A few things the Client need to pay attention to: 

     1. If in need, the Client prepares/collects wedding related accessories in advance for photographer to shoot, like ring, tie, shoes, bridal bouquet

   2. At ceremony, when bride and groom stand in position, it is better for shoot that they should be standing in the middle (They can look at photographer to confirm)

   3. Please arrange a person beforehand who is in charge of calling out each group to take group/family/guest photos after ceremony

   4. Before bride starts to do Bouquet Toss, it is suggested she looks at photographer first and confirm shoot is ready

Step 5. Post-Production & Delivery

  • After the wedding, I will edit the photos and deliver them to the Client as agreed in the Photography Service Agreement

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