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Wedding Photography FAQs

What is your photography style?

My wedding photography style is mixed. At each wedding, I mainly do photojournalistic and documentary styles to capture candid moments and focus on storytelling. In addition, I always try to do some fine art style, guide the couple to pose naturally and relaxed, take a few pictures of creativity and artistic.

When should I book in?

​As wedding day is a specific date, it is recommended to book in as early as possible. Usually, my wedding clients book in their wedding date 8 months to one year in advance.

How much deposit should I pay to book in and secure my date?

All packages require a $400 deposit and a signed Agreement to hold your wedding date. The deposit is non-refundable, but can be the credit of any shoot in the future. The balance is due at the time as agreed in the Photography Service Agreement.

What happens if you can't shoot wedding for sick or other urgent reason?

I have a close relationship with a few professional wedding photographers. In the event I am not able to shoot customer's wedding for sick or other urgent reason, I will ask for one of them to take my place. Or customer can go to their own photographer and get the full deposit refunded from me.

Do you do wedding videography as well?

I focus on wedding photography. But I have worked with many professional wedding videographers. I am more than happy to recommend them for customer's choice.

Would it matter if you hadn't photographed at my wedding venue before?

I am a well experienced wedding photographer and have photographed at many wedding venues which you can see on our website. For places where I haven't photographed at before, I always go to inspect them first, and also view on Internet beforehand for photos taken by other photographers at there, so as to be well prepared. So don't worry about this at all. 

How many hours of coverage do I need?

The number of hours you need depends on your wedding timeline and the events you want captured. Consider the getting ready, ceremony, couple portrait, reception, and any other important moments when determining the coverage you need. Here's a guide:

  • getting ready: groom 0.5h, bride 1h

  • first look: 0.5 hours

  • couple portrait (bridal party shots): 1h

  • ceremony + couple portrait:  3 hours

  • ceremony + couple portrait + reception:  6 hours

  • getting ready + ceremony + couple portrait + reception: 8 hours

Do you do meetings to discuss our wedding plan?

Sure! Either a phone call, a zoom meeting, or meet in person, just pick the way you preferred. 

Do you edit the photos by yourself?

Yes. All photos will be edited by myself, with the same styles of wedding photos as shown on the website.

Does your photo editing work include body slimming down, face slimming down, removing a double chin, removing mess hair etc.?

Wedding photography is mainly documentary photography, and editing work such as body slimming down, face slimming down, removing a double chin, removing mess hairs etc. cannot be done because there are too many photos, and these edits require more additional editing work which belongs to the in-depth editing of portrait photography. My charge for such in-depth editing is $30 per image. In-depth edited photos are more suitable for printing and framing.

Do you need a shots list?

Usually, I do not need a shots list other than family photos and location shots. I always try to shoot everything during getting ready, ceremony & reception. If I am trying to follow a shots list at these parts, I could be distracted from capturing moments and not able to shoot smoothly. So, if you have a shots list, please try to focus on family photos or location shots.  


  • Regarding the group photos of Bride and Groom with everyone/family/guest, below is what I usually do:

  1. If you have plan to take photos of group/family/guests straight after ceremony, please arrange a person beforehand who is in charge of calling out each group

  2. For other group photos to be taken at other times, please ask the photographer to take photos when you need to take them

  • Regarding the location shots: 

Please be advised, shots list is a reference. Depending on the weather, lighting and location on the day, the specific shooting content may be different. But don't worry, I will take suitable photos based on the actual location and lighting on the day

How to find right wedding photographer?

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