1. Pay a deposit to account below (reference with your name) by bank transfer


  • BANK NAME: Commonwealth Bank


  • BSB NUMBER:   063581 

  • ACCOUNT NUMBER:  10488963 

 2. Send the deposit receipt to or Whatsapp id 0449609928

There have been cases where customers paid to the wrong account in the past, so please send a receipt with complete account information to double check


After sending the deposit receipt, your booking is locked in and we will send you booking document(service agreement), including shoot time, location, meet point, service content, clothing advice, shoot advice ......

Please note:

  1. We will keep the required booking date & time for customer for 2 days after they get the booking steps unless the customer pay the deposit

  2. The deposit is non-refundable, but can be the credit of any shoot in the future

  3. Pay the balance before or on the shoot day

  4. If the balance is paid by bank transfer, it is recommended to pay before the shoot date, so as to save the trouble of paying the balance after the shoot on the day

  5. As for outdoor shoot, exact time can be confirmed a few days in advance according to weather forecast

  6. Shoot date can be rescheduled free of charge due to reasonable reason