Where is your studio ? Do you work on weekends ?


Studio is located at Waterways 3195.  I work on weekdays and weekends.

What content does fine edit include ?


  • color adjustment    

  • brightness adjustment

  • skin smoothing

  • slim face, arm,leg, nose ... if requested and possible

  • fix up untidy hair as much as possible

  • fix up flaw like pimple,blemish on face

  • fix up/weaken wrinkle, eye bag ... if requested and possible

  • fix up not good looking highlights on face

  • cover the part of head where hair are less if requested and possible

  • make face skin more smooth & make face skin color looking more nicer

  • fix up unwanted things in background if possible

All the photos are in high resolution ?  



What is the recommended time for outdoor shooting?

To get the soft light to take good pictures, the recommended time for outdoor shooting is as below:

  • on sunny days and at open area such as beach, late afternoon is a good time to shoot

  • on sunny days and under big shady areas such as under big trees in the park, any time will do

  • on cloudy days, any time will do

So, it is suggested that photographer and customer first set a date, then to determine the exact shooting time a few days in advance according to the weather forecast.

What if the weather is bad on the day of outdoor shooting ?

Photographer and customer confirm the exact shooting time a few days in advance. If the weather is bad according to the weather forecast, shooting date can be rescheduled free of charge.


What is the procedure to book ?


  • Customer selects shooting package

  • Photographer and customer set a shooting date & time

  • Customer pays a deposit & sends transfer receipt to lock in booking

  • Photographer sends customer booking paperwork, including shoot time, location, meet point, clothing advice, shoot advice ......

As for outdoor shooting, to get the soft light to take good pictures, it is suggested that the shooting time is to determined a few days in advance according to the weather forecast. And shooting date can be rescheduled free of charge due to bad weather


What is the location suggestions of outdoor family/maternity shooting ? 


  • Royal Botanic Gardens 

  • Fitzroy gardens 

  • Carlton gardens

  • Hedgeley Dene Gardens East Malvern

  • Malvern Public Gardens, 1275 High Street, Malvern VIC 

  • Basterfield Park, Hampton East VIC

  • Joyce Park in Ormond VIC 

  • St kilda beach 

  • Brighton Bathing Boxes 

  • Canterbury gardens

  • Wattle Park

  • Blackburn Lake Sanctuary

  • Kingsley Gardens (Mont Albert VIC 3127)

  • Braeside park (Braeside VIC 3195)

  • Burden Park, Springvale South

  • Wilson Botanic Park Berwick

  • George Pentland Botanic Gardens(Frankston VIC)

  • Footscray park


What is the location suggestion of outdoor pre-wedding shooting ?


  • Royal botanic gardens

  • Fitzroy gardens

  • Carlton gardens

  • St Patrick's Cathedral

  • Parliament House, Spring St, East Melbourne VIC

  • Federation Square

  • Block Arcade

  • Royal Arcade

  • Burke St. Mall

  • Hedgeley Dene Gardens East Malvern

  • Malvern Public Gardens, 1275 High Street, Malvern VIC  

  • Wilson Botanic Park Berwick

  • Footscray park

  • St kilda beach

  • Brighton Bathing Boxes

What is the whole process of a shoot ?

Beofore shoot

1. Communication between Customer and Photographer regarding the shooting

2. Customer pays a deposit to lock in booking

3. Photographer sends booking paperwork to customer

During shoot

1. Shoot on the day

2. Customer pays balance at time of the shoot

After shoot

1. Photographer uploads all photo proofs taken on the day (small size) and sends photo proofs link to customer. This step takes 2-5 days after shoot


2. Customer selects the photos that need fine retouch from all the above photos


How to pick?

Mark the picked photo as favorite and input your email when required. And all picked photos will be seen when click FAVOURITE icon HEART in the main window.

Sample of photo proofs:

3. After selection, customer sends screenshot of the FAVOURITE page to photographer

4. Photographers does fine retouch job, uploads all photos taken on the day(full size) & fine retouch photos(full size) to Google Drive.  This step takes 3-8 days after the previous step

5. Photographer sends customer Google Drive link.  Customers please downloads all photos in 30 days due to limited Google Drive space

How to download photos from Google drive on computer?




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