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Wedding Photography Service Process

1. Before Booking

2. Booking 

  • Customer pays a deposit to book their wedding shoot in

  • Customer discusses with us to determine the wedding day photography detailsitems & timing & locations. Items include getting ready, ceremony, potrait shoot(bride, groom, bridal party), reception

  • We send Photography Service Agreement to customer

Booking FAQ

When should customer book wedding shoot in?

As wedding day is a specific date, it is recommended to pay a deposit to book as early as possible. We are not able to keep the required date & time for customers unless they pay the deposit.

How much deposit should customer pay?

Deposit amount depends on the total amount customer wanted to book. For total amount of $1000 and less, the deposit is $300. For above $1000, the deposit is $500. The deposit is non-refundable, but can be the credit of any shoot in the future.

What happens if we can't shoot wedding for sick or other urgent reason?

In the event we can not shoot customer's wedding for sick or other urgent reason, we will ask for fellow professional wedding photographer to take our place. Or customer can go to their own photographer and get the full deposit refunded from us.

Do we do wedding videography as well?

We focus on wedding photography. But we work with a few good professional wedding videographers. After customer book wedding photography from us, we are happy to recommend wedding videographer for customer.

3. Before The Wedding Day 

  • Customer sends us the wedding day run sheet at least 7 days before the wedding day

  • We speaks with customer to confirm wedding shoot details and matters needing attention

  • Customer pays the balance at the time which is listed in the Photography Service Agreement 

4. On The Wedding Day 

  • Customer prepares/collects wedding related stuffs for us to shoot details, like ring, tie, shoes, bridal bouquet ......

  • Customer introduces family members attending the wedding to us

  • We shoot your wedding 

5. After The Wedding Day 

Photography Service Agreement Example:

Service agreement
agreement sample.jpg
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