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Photography Service Process

1. Before Booking 

  • Customer gets to know our photography photos and style

  • Customer gets to know our photography package information

  • Customer enquires questions about package with photographer if needed

  • Customer speaks with photographer to confirm photography requirement summary:

    • shoot type

    • date, time, location

    • attending people

2. Booking 

  • Customer pays a deposit to book their shoot in

  • Photographer sends booking document(Service Agreement) to the customer

    • Booking document(service agreement) includes content as shoot time, location, meet point, shoot content, clothing advice, shoot advice etc.

When should I book my shoot in?

If you have a specific shoot date(such as wedding shoot, event shoot, birthday party shoot), it is recommended to book as early as possible. We are not able to keep the required date & time for customers unless they pay the deposit.

If you don't have a specific shoot date, please provide 3 shoot date/time that you want, we will discuss with you and arrange a suitable time for you.

How much deposit should I pay?

Deposit depends on the total amount you wanted to book. For total amount of $600 and less, the deposit is $200. For above $600 to $1000, the deposit is $300. For above $1000, the deposit is $500.

The deposit is non-refundable, but can be the credit of any shoot in the future. 

3. Before The Shoot Day

  • If a wedding/party/event shoot, customer sends photographer the shoot day running sheet (schedule) at least 7 days before the shoot day

  • If a family/newborn shoot, at least 3 days before shoot, photographer speaks with customer to confirm shoot details and matters needing attention: clothes suggestion etc

  • Customer pays the balance at the time which is listed in the booking document (Service Agreement)

4. On The Shoot Day 

  • If a party/wedding shoot, customer introduces family members attending the event to the photographer

  • Photographer shoots on the day 

5. After The Shoot Day 

  • After shoot, photographer delivers the photos as the booking document (Service Agreement) mentioned

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